Everyone Thinks the Same Thought is a glowing, architectural installation, in which a single thought is distributed using sound, video, text and performance. Inside the freestanding walls, surrounded by projections, screens and speakers, audiences will be enticed to experience a thought together. Every few minutes the installation will reset and a new thought will pulse through the structure.

Surreal, comic and retro-futuristic, the installation is nonetheless of the moment. We have arrived at a future, after all, in which individual thought is unnervingly malleable. Lulled by media and mesmerized by social technologies that shape our collective behavior, are we becoming more ‘me’, or more ‘we’?

KURT is a NYC/LA based artist whose ideas have inspired audiences around the world. He Has created a body of social and participatory projects, informed by larger cultural trends. From inflatable devices that literally connect people (Clusterings), to the world’s first mobile phone photography show (MPPS), to fake social networks (NOSO), to mobs of cloned art-world personalities (The Sams), to playfully chaotic instructions (The Disorganizers),KURT engages a wide range of media to create meaningful, memorable, provocative experiences.

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